Voter Precinct Maps & Information

Maps are listed below to help you locate where your voting precincts are located. You can click any single image and have it enlarged to view more specific map details. Also a valuable resource is the West Virginia Secretary of State website to find out if you are registered to vote, and if you are registered, where you vote and your precinct number.


West Virginia Secretary of State


           Precinct 1                       Precinct 2                      Precinct 3


           Precinct 4                       Precinct 5                       Precinct 6


           Precinct 9                       Precinct 10                      Precinct 11


          Precinct 12                       Precinct 14                     Precinct 17


             Precinct 19                                Precinct 23                              Precinct 25


             Precinct 26                                Precinct 29                               Precinct 31


                                                                  Precinct 36